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Mix video and audio

Media server for real-time, low latency, programmable video and audio mixing.

How it works?

1. Send inputs as RTP streams or MP4 files
2. Configure mixing with HTTP requests
3. Get the mixed streams via RTP

"type": "view",
"children": [
"type": "shader",
"shader_id": "remove_green_screen",
"resolution": { "width": 1920, "height": 1080 },
"children": [
{ "type": "input_stream", "input_id": "tv" },
{ "type": "image", "image_id": "background" }
"type": "rescaler",
"width": 800, "height": 450,
"top": 20, "left": 20,
"child": {
"type": "input_stream", "input_id": "bunny"
"type": "view",
"height": 150,
"left": 0, "bottom": 0,
"background_color_rgba": "#FFFF00FF",
"children": [{
"type": "text",
"text": "LiveCompositor 😃😍",
"font_size": 100,
"weight": "bold",
"color_rgba": "#000000FF",

Use cases

Use LiveCompositor for video conferencing, live-streaming, broadcasting, and more.

Video conferencing

Stream or record video conferences

Video conferencing


Compose broadcasts



Create awesome live-streams



Make mixing live streams as simple as building a website.

Simple declarative API

Mixing is specified using simple component tree, easy to pick up for anyone familiar with web development.

Easy integration

API is language agnostic. You can leverage tech stack of your choice and easily integrate it with your own solutions.

Real-time and low latency

LiveCompositor targets real-time use cases, with a significant focus on situations where latency is critical.


Simple, powerful, fast. Pick three.

Batteries included

Process streams, render text, images, GIFs or websites, and combine them into output streams using high-level components.

Highly customizable

Create custom effects with WGSL shaders and directly leverage GPU parallel processing capabilities.

Audio support

Mix audio directly in LiveCompositor.

WebGPU and Rust

Leverage Rust and WebGPU rendering for great performance.

Animated transitions

Change layouts on the fly with animated transitions.

Real-time processing

Process live streams in real-time with low latency.

Offline processing

Use LiveCompositor for non-real-time use cases with offline processing mode.


Standalone server

LiveCompositor can be deployed as a standalone server. Language-agnostic API allows you to seamlessly integrate it into your existing solutions. Dockerfiles and deployment section in docs are meant to make the deployment process as easy as possible.

Membrane plugin

Membrane is a developer-friendly multimedia framework for Elixir. You can easily add video and audio composing functionality into your multimedia pipeline using Membrane LiveCompositor Plugin.

Contact us

LiveCompositor is developed by Software Mansion - a software company that is specialized in building tools for developers. At Software Mansion, we work on multiple multimedia projects, like Membrane Framework, Elixir WebRTC, FishJam, and more. We also work on custom solutions for clients. Email us at [email protected] or contact us via this form.